How knowledgeable are you regarding the Shroud? Let’s find out…

(see answers at bottom of page)

1. How many burial cloths were found in the empty tomb?

2. Who was responsible for taking Jesus down from the cross?

3. What was the first clue that the Carbon Dating conclusions of 1988 might be wrong?

4. Before it’s arrival in Europe, what city was the Shroud located in?

5. Before the burial cloth was known as the “Shroud of Turin”, what other names might it have been known by?

6. How tall was Jesus?

7. Which disciples or apostles may have been in possession of the Shroud after Jesus' resurrection?

8. Who pushed the Vatican towards performing the 1986 Carbon Dating Tests?

9. What movie revealed how the Carbon Dating Tests were botched?

10. How does the Shroud differ from art of the middle ages?

11. What is the first century Jewish measurement of the Shroud?

12. Why is camera-obscura not a reasonable explanation of how the shadowy image got on the Shroud?

13. What blood type is on the Shroud?

14. What 6 th century painting is said to be most likely painted from looking at the Shroud?

15. What trend of destroying religious art took place due to people worshiping images and art, and who would have supported it?

16. According to early church history, what King requested Jesus come heal him in the city of Edessa?

17. What church and city is the Shroud currently located in?

18. What are the most prominent marking on the Shroud?

19. According to records found in the Vatican, what crusader knight order may have had possession of the Shroud after it left Constantinople?

20. What year did scientist Guilio Fanti publish the results of three scientific tests dating the Shroud from 280 BC to 220AD?

21. What tribe or group did the mitochondrial DNA from the Shroud tie Mary to, according to the History Channel’s program “The Jesus Strain”?

22. What is the name of the face cloth containing the same blood type of the Shroud?

23. Who took the first photograph of the Shroud of Turin in 1898?

24. What substance was found on the Shroud near the feet and knees?












  1. At least two… most likely at least three… and possibly even more.
  2. Joseph of Arimathea
  3. The artistic drawing found in the 1192 publication of the Hungarian Pray Manuscript
  4. Constantinople from 944 to 1204
  5. The Linen Wrappings, The Holy Linens, The Image Made With Hands, The Mandylion, The Image of Edessa – Icon of Edessa
  6. According to STURP scientists, 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 11 inches.
  7. Peter, John, Thomas, Paul, Thaddeus/Addai, Timothy
  8. The British Museum
  9. La Notte De Sindone… Night of the Shroud
  10. Nails are through the wrists as opposed to the palms His body is fully nude No paint is found on the cloth.
  11. 2 Hebrew cubits by 8 Hebrew cubits
  12. STURP scientists determined that the blood stains were the first thing to go down on the cloth
  13. Human – type AB
  14. The Panticrator
  15. Iconoclasm, as supported by Jews, Muslims, and Christians who believed worshipping art is breaking the commandment of worshipping a graven image.
  16. King Abgar
  17. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin (Torino), Italy
  18. Burnt holes and scorches from a fire in 1532 while the Shroud was in Chambrey, France
  19. The Knights Templar
  20. 2013
  21. The Druze
  22. The Sudarium of Oviedo, Spain
  23. Secondo Pia
  24. Limestone that was unique to the Jerusalem area