In 1988, laboratories at Zurich, Oxford and the University of Arizona carbon dated the Shroud.  It was announced the Shroud dated from 1260-1390.  The media concluded it was an artistic forgery (although no paint was found on the Shroud).  Since then, additional research and review have rendered the conclusions of the tests unreliable and inaccurate due to…


Contamination – Samples were taken from the most contaminated area on the Shroud. Contaminants on the Shroud include bacteria, soil, and a cotton re-weave, all of which would cause inaccurate results.

Cotton Re-weave – Organic Chemist Ray Rogers verified the existence of cotton fibers in the area the C14 samples were taken. They had been dyed to match the cloth. During the time the Shroud was in France (13th century), there was a guild dedicated to this type of specialized mending.

Pre-established Protocol Not Followed

- Samples were to be taken from two areas on the Shroud to verify they both rendered the same results.  Samples were taken from only one area, for the sake of "expediency".

- Failure to conduct micro-chemical tests to ensure samples represented the entire cloth.

- The process was to be documented by video at all times, however samples were taken to a separate room where cameras weren’t permitted.


Art - An artistic illustration in the Hungarian Pray Manuscript, published in 1192 A.D., depicts the herringbone weave pattern and four L-shaped holes on Jesus’ burial cloth.  This publication predated the Shroud’s carbon dating.


Early Literature - The media says the Shroud “suddenly” appeared in Europe, but there are many documents and literature speaking of the Shroud during its time in Edessa, Turkey (Sanliurfa 34 A.D.  - 944 A.D.) and Constantinople (Istanbul 944 A.D.   - 1204 A.D.) prior to its arrival in France in 1205 A.D.  The Bible (John 20) places the shroud in Jesus’ tomb.


The Latest Science - March of 2013: Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at University of Padua, in Italy, used 3 new tests to publish his findings that the Shroud dates to 33 B.C.… the time of Jesus. The media ignored this.