Timeline of the Shroud

33 A.D. - Peter and John discover burial cloths in an empty tomb

33 - Thaddeus/Addai travels from Jerusalem to Edessa with a cloth with Jesus imprint on it. “The Cloth of Edessa” Is presented to King Abgar

50 - Abgar of Edessa dies. His son persecutes Christians, Shroud is hidden

60 - Paul writes in Galations 3:1 to the city “before whose eyes Christ was publically portrayed as crucified”

325 – Constantine’s council of Nicea

330 A.D. - Eusebius writes Ecclesiastical History with story of King Abgar writing to Jesus

476 - Fall of the Roman Empire. Start of the dark/middle ages.

481 - Clovis becomes King of the Franks.

544 - Edessa Cloth (Shroud) discovered in the walls of Edessa

570 - Muhammad is born.

600 – The Acts of Thaddeus describes a cloth, “doubled in four” that Jesus wiped His face on

630 - Arabs seize Edessa

732 - Battle of Tours. Franks turn back Islam from Europe

800 – Charlemagne is crowned - father of French and German monarchies.

835 - Vikings invade northern Europe, continuing until 1042.

896 - Alfred the Great of England, turns back the Vikings.

944 - Byzantine army led by John Kourkouas takes the Image Made Without Hands (Mandylion - Shroud) to Constantinople

1066 - William of Normandy conquers England

1096 – The Crusades begin, continuing over the next 200 years

1192 – Hungarian Pray Manuscript is published (prayer booklet) showing a drawing of the burial cloth of Jesus with herring bone weave and “L” shaped holes

1189 - Richard I the Lionheart becomes King of England

1203 – Robert DiClari journals his sighting of the Shroud on Friday nights in the Church of St. Mary of Blacharnae

1204 – French army of the 4 th Crusade sacks Constantinople and steals the Shroud, taking it to France

1206 - Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan

1215 - King John of England signs the Magna Carta giving people rights

1260 – Beginning Carbon Date of Shroud

1271 - Marco Polo leaves to explore Asia.

1337 - Hundred Years War between England and France

1347 - Black Death begins in Europe killing half of Europe.

1357 – Shroud presented to public in Lirey, France

1390 – Ending Carbon Date of Shroud

1431 - Jon of Arc executed

1444 – Invention of Gutenberg printing press. Beginning of Renaissance.

1453 – Ottoman Empire captures Constantinople, end of Byzantium

1482 - Da Vinci paints “The Last Supper”

1482 – Columbus Sails

1532 – The Shroud is damaged in a fire in the church at Chambrey, France

1578 – The Shroud is taken to Turin, Italy

1776 – Declaration of Independence

1898 - Secondo Pia photographs Shroud and discovers negative image

1978 – STURP spends 1 week of hands on testing of the Shroud

1988 – Shroud C14 dates announced… 1260-1390. The world dismisses the shroud as a fake

1997 – The Shroud survives yet another fire in the church

2013 – Guilio Fanti publishes tests results dating shroud to time of Jesus